nurturing simplicity in oneself

michael maloney


Simplicity is something

that our fundamental nature inherently

possesses. If we prepare in advance and nurture it

within ourselves, then wherever we happen to be, whether in

wealth and high rank, or poverty and low status, in foreign lands,

or in difficult circumstances, we deal with whatever situation we

are in by retaining our simplicity there. It is not increased

when we do great deeds or reduced when we are

dwelling in obscurity. Wherever we go,

we are at peace, because we have

found simplicity.


Nie Bao 


the wise person teaches by example

ieshia evans


When people

find one thing beautiful,

another consequently becomes ugly.

When one man is held up as good,

another is judged



Similarly, being and

non-being balance each other;

difficult and easy define each other;

long and short illustrate each other;

high and low rest upon each other;

voice and song meld into harmony;

what is to come follows upon

what has been.


The wise person

acts without effort and teaches

by quiet example. She accepts things as they

come, creates without possessing, nourishes without

demanding, accomplishes without taking credit.

Because she constantly forgets herself,

she is never forgotten.


The Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu,

Chapter 2


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we might as well stop struggling

the subtle universe appears



the twelfth-century Tibetan

yogi who sang wonderful songs about

the proper way to meditate, said that the mind

has more projections than there are dust motes in a

sunbeam and that even hundreds of spears couldn’t put

an end to that. As meditators we might as well stop struggling

against our thoughts and realize that honesty and humor

are far more inspiring and helpful than any

kind of solemn religious striving

for or against



Pema Chodron