the reward of the virtuous

carl moon, navajo weaver


Greed for

enlightenment and

immortality is no different

than greed for material wealth.

It is self-centered and dualistic, and

thus an obstacle to true attainment.

Therefore these states are never

achieved by those who covet

them; rather, they are

the reward of the



If you

wish to become

a divine immortal angel,

then restore the angelic qualities

of your being through virtue

and service.


This is the only

way to gain the attention

of the immortals who teach the

methods of energy enhancement

and integration that enable

one to reach the

divine realm.


These angelic

teachers cannot be sought out;

it is they who seek out the student.

When you succeed in connecting your

energy with the divine realm through

high awareness and the practice of

undiscriminating virtue, the

transmission of the

ultimate subtle

truths will



This is the path that all angels

take to the divine realm.


from Hua hu Ching, Chapter 59


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there will come a time



A horse strays

into a cave of lions. You move

deeper into your desire for sex, for art

and wealth. There will come a time when your

life is a blank, but has there ever really been a time

when human beings were not cared for? For thousands

of years we had no identity, yet we managed to arrive

in this amazing moment, this brightly conscious

lifespan. Who gave us such restlessness

to know and be?


Bahauddin, father of Rumi

The Drowned Book