progress as a tree does

cherry blossom tree

wise trees


Activity grounded in truth

brings good fortune.


It is

a time when

great progress can be made

through effort of will. However, it is essential

that all your activity be characterized by humility,

conscientiousness, and adaptability. Progress

as a tree does, bending around obstacles

rather than confronting them,

pushing upward steadily

but gently.



is nothing to be feared

from others now. Be neither subservient

nor forceful with those you encounter; simply meet

everyone with tolerance and gentle goodwill.

Those who look for the good

in others find it



If fears

or doubts intrude,

remain quietly focused on

the activity at hand. Cultivate inner

independence and trust the leadership of

the Sage. The time is ripe for progress

if you put forth an effort that is

innocent, sincere, and



The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 46, Sheng / Pushing Upward


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