absorbed in stillness

fabio oliveira



the great death,

and in the cool ashes of the

funeral pyre you will

meet what never



How is

this accomplished?

By letting go of thoughts,

sacrificing all sentiment,

abandoning emotion,

ignoring the




transcendent, unseeking,

absorbed in stillness and doing

non-doing, you will find that

the universe comes

to you.


Wei wu Wei Ching, Hexagram 12

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with each step, a flower blooms


A lot

of unimportant inner

litter and bits and pieces have

to be swept out first. Even a small head

can be piled high inside with irrelevant distractions.

True, there may be edifying emotions and thoughts, too, but

the clutter is ever present. So let this be the aim of the meditation:

to turn one’s innermost being into a vast empty plain, with none

of that treacherous undergrowth to impede the view. So that

something of “God” can enter you, and something of “Love,”

too. Not the kind of love-de-luxe that you can revel in

deliciously for half an hour, taking pride in

how sublime you feel, but the love

you can apply to small,

everyday things.



at Japanese prints

with Glassner this afternoon.

That’s how I want to write. With that much

space round a few words. They should simply emphasize

the silence. Just like that print with the sprig of blossom in the

lower corner. A few delicate brush strokes—but with what attention

to the smallest detail—and all around it space, not empty but inspired.

The few great things that matter in life can be said in a few words.

If I should ever write—but what?—I would like to brush in a

few words against a wordless background. To describe

the silence and the stillness and to inspire them.

What matters is the right relationship between

words and wordlessness, the wordlessness

in which much more happens than

in all the words one can

string together.


Etty Hillesum


The mind

can go in a thousand

directions, but on this beautiful

path, I walk in peace. With each step,

the wind blows. With each step,

a flower blooms.


Thich Nhat Hanh


nurturing simplicity in oneself

michael maloney


Simplicity is something

that our fundamental nature inherently

possesses. If we prepare in advance and nurture it

within ourselves, then wherever we happen to be, whether in

wealth and high rank, or poverty and low status, in foreign lands,

or in difficult circumstances, we deal with whatever situation we

are in by retaining our simplicity there. It is not increased

when we do great deeds or reduced when we are

dwelling in obscurity. Wherever we go,

we are at peace, because we have

found simplicity.


Nie Bao