hexagram 38 ䷥ opposition

michael dumontier / neil farber

There are many occasions in life which tempt us into negative thoughts. Anxiety about the future, mistrust of another person, bodily pain, fear of failure or even success—all of these tempt us into mistrusting life and believing that life is against us. When we fall into this trap, we are in opposition to the workings of the Creative and success becomes impossible.

The simple truth is that every moment in every person’s life contains the teaching he or she most needs at the time. It is not always immediately apparent why a thing is happening because the Sage is often inclined to work in a roundabout fashion. Nonetheless, whatever is happening now is what must happen. Our only task is to trust the process and allow the lesson to seep in.

This hexagram comes as a signal that you are resisting life and preventing your own progress. Nonetheless, success is still possible, for every opposition carries within it the seeds of agreement. Cease resisting yourself, others, life, the Sage. Let go of dark thoughts and aggressive actions. By returning to acceptance, neutrality, and devotion to the way of the Sage, you dissolve the opposition within yourself and open the way for understanding and good fortune to arrive.


from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 38 / K’uei (Opposition)


fourth changing line:

Mistrust of fate

leaves you isolated and alone.

By rejoining the path of the Sage,

you return to joy.


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Further guidance from the
Wei Wu Wei Ching




If you haven’t

attained the Way,

don’t admonish others.

Don’t waste time blaming

yourself, either. Just

attain the Way.





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