the mother of the universe

eddie o’bryan


Something mysterious

and perfect existed before even heaven

and earth were born. Silent, immeasurable,

standing alone and unchanging, moving

without end or exhaustion, it is the

mother of the known and

unknown universe.


I don’t know

its name, so I call it by an

alias: tao. Forced to describe

it, I only say, “It is



That which is great continues.

That which continues goes far.

That which goes far returns.


Therefore tao is great,

Heaven is great, earth is great,

a person of tao is great. These

are the four greatnesses

in the universe.


A person of tao follows earth.

Earth follows Heaven.

Heaven follows tao.

Tao follows its

own nature.


Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu

Chapter 25


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