cultivate yourself in this life

the very good wife of the very good fellow


Goodness is important

on the way. Once you turn to the tao,

why fear old age? The spiritual immortals have

left methods of grafting life energy, which aspirants

should practice with a true heart. Going back to the root

produces life-prolonging tea; turning the attention

inward is a restorative balm. If you do not

cultivate yourself in this life, how will

you know what road to return on

in the coming life?


Harmony is important

on the way — what is the purpose

of quietistic escapism? One of the ancient

adepts used commerce to complete the great Way,

another nurtured the spiritual tree while serving as an

official. To be in the world yet beyond the world isĀ the road

transcending the ordinary; detachedĀ from society while

in society, one enters the lair of immortals.

So many realized people since

ancient times have refined

themselves in cities

and towns.


Liu I-Ming