know what came before time

pipeline, kevin krautgartner



at but not seen,

listened to but not heard,

grasped for but not held, formless,

soundless, intangible: the tao

resists analysis and defies



Its rising

is not about light,

its setting not a matter of

darkness. Unnameable, unending,

emerging continually, and continually

pouring back into nothingness, it is

formless form, unseeable image,

elusive, evasive unimaginable

mystery. Confront it, and

you won’t see its face.

Follow it and you

can’t find an



Perceive its

ancient subtle heart, however,

and you become master of the moment.

Know what came before time, and

the beginning of wisdom

is yours.


from The Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu,

Chapter 14


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