strikes up out of the earth

stunning the air with sound     the sun falls

flaming into the sea     bright cracks

open in the burning clouds     the sky is broken

this is the season of separation     crossed

and crossing paths


oracle of the turtle


the grounds for hope are in the shadows

atmosphere from ISS

The grounds

for hope are in the shadows,

in the people who are inventing the world

while no one looks, who themselves don’t know yet

whether they will have any effect, in the people you have

not yet heard of who will be the next Cesar Chavez, the next

Noam Chomsky, the next Cindy Sheehan, or become something

you cannot yet imagine. In this epic struggle between light and dark,

it’s the dark side — that of the anonymous, the unseen, the officially

powerless, the visionaries and subversives in the shadows —

that we must hope for. For those onstage, we can just

hope the curtain comes down soon and the

next act is better, that it comes more

directly from the populist



Rebecca Solnit


farewell to elijah



the bad habit

of domesticating the prophet

of your choice, turning him or her into

a cheerleader for your way of thinking and way

of life. Remember that all the great prophets were courageous

and outrageous folks who railed against the powers-that-be,

challenged self-satisfied piosity, threatened the

prevailing social order, and would find

you falling short in some




Parker Palmer


illuminate from within


There is no

difference between your

body and the body of the buddha.

If ignorance exists, seeds

of realization are

sown in it.



yourself in the master and

the master in yourself, you sense

reality. Understanding that all worldly

phenomena and the one reality are

interwoven and inseparable,

you begin to experience

peace and comfort.


Carrying on,

continuing with concentration,

you illuminate your own buddha nature

from within, and then, seeing that nothing

is apart from it, become free

and peaceful in all

you do.


Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 8

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