what will you give to get home?

wooden bridge



a way that

wasn’t a way I came

to a makeshift bridge of rotten

planks. I looked in my sack. There was

not even a cowry shell. What

shall I give to get




went a way

that wasn’t a way. On the

dangerous embankment of my mind

I looked in my sack but could not

find the Name of God. What

do I give to get





good approaches the superior person

bird migration la-sorte-map-118-spp-64-725


hexagram Lin

signals the approach of

powerful beneficial influences.

Just as the winter solstice heralds the

return of spring, the appearance of this hexagram

marks a similar movement toward light and

growth. Progress and success are

assured now to those who

persevere on the path

of truth.




the opportunity implicit

in this moment, it is important to

cultivate a proper attitude. It is easy, during

good times, to relax our inner discipline and fall back

into incorrect thoughts and actions. Allowing one’s ego to take

over in a moment of success is a sure means of ending the

progress that has begun. The growth that is at hand

was made possible by conscientious behavior,

and continuing carefully along that path

is our only means of coming

into full possession

of it.




modesty and acceptance,

whether external conditions are good

or bad, is the mark of the superior person.

In yourself, maintain balance, equanimity, and

humility in times of accomplishment. With

others, remain patient, tolerant, and

gentle. Clinging to those principles

assures you of a time of joy

and prosperity.


from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 19, Lin / Approach


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stop struggling



the twelfth-century Tibetan

yogi who sang wonderful songs about

the proper way to meditate, said that the mind

has more projections than there are dust motes in a

sunbeam and that even hundreds of spears couldn’t put

an end to that. As meditators we might as well stop struggling

against our thoughts and realize that honesty and humor

are far more inspiring and helpful than any

kind of solemn religious striving

for or against



Pema Chodron