the highest virtue one can exercise

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Most of the world’s

religions serve only to strengthen

attachments to false concepts such as self and

other,  life and death, heaven and earth, and

so on. Those who become entangled in 

these false ideas are prevented 

from perceiving the

Integral Oneness. 


The highest virtue

one can exercise is to accept

the responsibility of discovering

and transmitting the

whole truth. 


Some help others in order

to receive blessings and admiration. 

This is simply meaningless. Some cultivate

themselves in part to serve others,

in part to serve their own pride. 

They will understand, at best, 

half of the truth. 


But those who

improve themselves for

the sake of the world — to these, the

whole truth of the universe will be revealed. 

So seek the whole truth, practice it in your

daily life, and humbly share it with

others. You will enter the realm

of the divine. 


from Hua hu Ching, Chapter 16


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