all in harmony with the One who has no partner

gregory colbert


I am grateful

for the way my soul is

sometimes drawn to move with

other souls and then separated from them.

I observe here a law of soulmaking

with exciting possibilities for



Scenes of how

it operates appear: people

in arctic cold, others in the tropics.

Oceans, high desert canyons, wooded valleys,

all in harmony with “the One who has no partner”.

There is a group that sings and moves in pure joy; another

is quiet in the midst of tremendous grief and carnage.

A tree bristling with thorns: jealousy, meanspirited

revenge. Then the white jasmine flowers

bud, open, and drop the gift

of themselves.


Why are

we shown this?

So we can appreciate

the whole as given. When I am

grieved and without hope, I accept that

as grace, as well as the removal of pain.

A deep knowing comes as we

are shown, receive, and

grow to love