daily renewal



and nighttime are

times of rest for cultivated people.

Accordingly you should withdraw into the

chamber of spirit and embrace oneness without

parting. Since there are no worldly feelings enveloping

you, neither is there an original sublime truth —

when you are like a dead man for the time

being, that is called great rest. After you

get to the point of dreaming and

sleeping without becoming

muddled, you see the

effect of mastering




the following morning

is the time for the cultured person’s

“daily renewal”. Accordingly, you should rise

early and daily seek what you have yet to attain,

with the determination to do ten times or a hundred

times what others do. The days become months, the months

become years; those who study without question of how

long it takes, be it three years or five years, never

fail to reach sagehood. When you are mindful

at every moment, nurturing it with each

breath, the work is never interrupted;

perfected day after day and month

after month, learning will

shine with light.


The Cultivator of Realization