the master keeps her attitude unstructured


There is

no one method for

attaining realization of the Tao.

To regard any method as the method is

to create a duality, which can only delay your

understanding of the subtle truth. The mature

person perceives the fruitlessness of rigid,

external methodologies; remembering this,

she keeps her attitude unstructured at

all times and thus is always free

to pursue the Integral



She studies the

teachings of the masters.

She dissolves all concepts of duality.

She pours herself out in service to others. She

performs her inner cleansing…gently eliminating all

obstacles to her own understanding, she constantly

maintains her unconditional sincerity. Her

humility, perseverance, and adaptability

evoke the response of the

universe and fill her 

with divine



from Hua hu Ching, Chapter 18


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