tao te ching ☯️ chapter 80


Let there be small

countries with few people.

Let the people have no use for

complicated machinery. Let them be

mindful of death so that they

don’t move too far from

their birthplaces.


If there be boats and carriages,

let there be nowhere to take them to.

If there are weapons, let there

be no occasion to display them.


Let the people’s

responsibilities be few enough

that they may remember them

by knotting a string.


Let them

enjoy their food,

be content with their clothes,

be satisfied with their homes,

and take pleasure in

their customs.



the next country

may be close enough

to hear the barking of its dogs

and the crowing of its roosters,

let the people grow old and

die without feeling

compelled to

visit it.


Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu

Chapter 80


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