hexagram 32 ☯️ heng / duration

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Remain steady

and allow the world

to shape itself.



this hexagram is an

encouragement to endure, to move

ahead by abiding in what is true and correct.

It is not a time to let the ego swell with successes

nor to despair at misfortunes. It is

simply a time to hold to the

path of essential



It is

likely that a

change has occurred,

or is about to. It is your responsibility

to hold your course and go on without regarding

this change. Constancy in correct thought and action

is the order of the day. Rather than letting your

head be turned, simply hold steady

on your spiritual path while

the world reforms




Do not

indulge in judgment,

impatience, or ambitious thinking

now. By concerning yourself only with what

is essential and true and good, only with what 

 is in front of you and your correct

relationship to it, you meet

with good fortune



from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 32, Heng / Duration


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