tao te ching ☯️ chapter 10


Can you

marry your spirit and

body to the oneness and

never depart

from it?


Can you ride your breath

until your entire being is as supple

as the body of an infant?


Can you cleanse

your inner vision until

you see heaven in

very direction?


Can you love

people and govern them

without conniving and



Can you bear

heaven’s children in all

that you do and are?


Can you give the wisdom of

your heart precedence

over the learning of

your head?


Giving birth,

nourishing life,

shaping things

without possessing them,

serving without expectation of

reward, leading without dominating:

These are the profound virtues

of nature, and of nature’s

best things.

from The Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu,

Chapter 10


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