Ta Ch’u 大畜 The Taming Power of the Great


In the face of

rising tension, keep still.

Honor in practice what you have

learned from the

I Ching.

A difficult and challenging time must be taken as an opportunity to express in the outer world our highest inner principles. This hexagram counsels us to keep still under pressure and embody the virtues of the I Ching. In this way even the most arduous trials can be successfully met.
Others are often tempted to test the inner strength that we have gained through study and discipline. By pushing and prodding they hope to reveal the weakness of our connection to truth. If we allow them to do this, we are undermined, and they go on, unlearning and satisfied at having engineered our downfall. On the other hand, if we keep still and cling firmly to what is right—the power of the great—then eventually we can tame the negative energy and instill in others the desire to grow spiritually.
It is just such challenges to our strength and character that enable us over time to embody in practice the strength of the I Ching. A spiritual understanding that is not practiced under fire is without value; only by applying our knowledge in trying situations do we come into genuine possession of it. So use these tests as opportunities to purify your thoughts and actions. By holding to what is correct in the face of pressure, you gain the strength and peace of mind of the spiritual masters.
If you deviate from the path of the Sage and act to punish or condemn others now, misfortune will result. Instead, meet attacks with stillness, acceptance, and fidelity to proper principles. Treat others with gentleness, patience, and forgiveness. If you are steadfast in this, good fortune will ultimately be yours.

from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 26: Ta Ch’u 大畜 The Taming Power of the Great





the same

all the way through: 

quiet, still, at home. In the

absence of mind, all phenomena 

can be seen for what they 

are: empty. This is 



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