break off relations with the mind


We were

speaking about ecstasy,

peace, love, and happiness.

Nowhere on the face of the earth

do you find it. You can go on pilgrimages,

go to churches, valleys, or mountains…

Any direction that you go, you will

not see peace or happiness or

love anywhere.


Stop all that!

Don’t waste time! Stay

where you are. This is the dharma

that will help you. All else is

adharma, senses and



Stay where

you are and find out:

“Where is the peace?” Nearest of all.

Nearer than your own retina…The only way

is to look within. Experiences have been

experienced, and they have

not given you



Break off

relations with the mind

itself, then you are left alone.

Your mind has been troubling you.

Your priests have been troubling you.

Your church and your society have been

troubling you. Your country has been troubling

you. Mind you, enough! Stay by yourself and

find out now. Look around. For some time,

don’t touch anybody or anything

that you have known, seen,

heard, or touched.


Most of the

religions are cheating you.

Most of the religions are cheating poor

people. ‘”Do this and I will send you to heaven.”

Don’t listen to any of these people. Find out,

where is heaven? Heaven will

come down to



Stay alone.

Don’t allow yourself

to be touched by anybody.

If you get rid of this mind, mind

will leave you. Your cravings will leave,

your notions will leave, your desires

will leave, your ideations will

leave. Everything is going

to leave.


Now what

will happen? If all the

known is rejected, in front of you

is the unknown. If you have given up the

cravings and desires for the known, what is

left is unknown. You have become the

unknown and merge into the

unknown for they are



Your identity

with the known has been

troubling you thus far. “This is me

and this is mine.” Perhaps from the unknown

you will enter into emptiness, and from

this emptiness you will see that

all this projection is your



You will not

have any hate toward anybody.

This is the region of love. You will see previously

known people and now you will love them. You will love

the Selves and they will love you. This is the trick of life. You

will enjoy this life. This planet will become heaven.

Whatever you see, you will see beauty…

Don’t have any doubt. Doubt

hasn’t helped you.


…Inner light,

inner wisdom is guiding you.

You don’t see it, so you don’t believe it.

When anything good or big happens you say,

“I have done it!” And when it goes bad

you blame God. This is



This is a

very simple affair.

Don’t postpone it. You

can do it here,



Satsang with Papaji

fbi note 2/5 boca raton = 2/6 tampa = 2/8 st. pete