the i ching hexagram 47 ☯️ oppression / exhaustion

joel rea



unavoidable time of adversity.

 Quiet strength insures a

later success.


It is a time

of oppression and exhaustion.

None of us escapes such moments; they are simply

a part of living. By meeting them in the correct spirit and

cheerfully bending instead of breaking, you weather

the adversity and meet with success

at a later time.


Inferior elements,

either in one’s self, another,

or the larger world, interfere now to

restrain the superior person. It is foolish to fight

against the restraint; success is simply not possible now.

Rid yourself of the desire to progress and return

to neutrality and acceptance. The stubborn

pursuit of results will bring



With others,

quietness and equanimity are

the watchwords of the moment. Say little,

and say it gently. A similar reticence and gentleness

should be applied to yourself. Do not lapse into

impatience or mistrust of the Deity. Accept

that the Creative often works in a way

that we cannot see or



A feeling of

despair or depression is a sign

that you are holding a false belief.

To perpetuate an untruth about yourself,

another, or the Sage is to block your own

happiness. Root out and remove any

idea or attitude which

causes negative



By opening

your mind, quieting your heart,

and calmly holding to proper principles,

you make it possible for the Creative

to eliminate the oppression

that currently



from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 47, K’un / Oppression (Exhaustion)


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