nothing occupying your mind


The wondrous path

of the enlightened ones is straight

and direct. They just pointed directly to

the human mind so we would work

to see its true nature and achieve



This mind-source

is originally empty and peaceful,

clear and wondrous, and free from the slightest

obstruction. But we screen it off with false thoughts

and give rise to defilements and blockages in this

unobstructed one. We turn our backs on the

fundamental and pursue the trivial

and foolishly revolve on the

cycle of routine.


If you

have great capacity,

you won’t seek outside anymore.

Right where you stand you will come forth in

independent realization. When the transitory blinders

of false perception have been dissolved away, the

original correct perception is complete and

wondrous. This is called the identity

of mind and buddha. 


From this,

once realized, it is realized

forever. It is like the bottom falling out of a

bucket: you open through and merge with the Way,

and there is nothing occupying your mind.

Beholding the essence, pure and still,

you receive the use of it and

have no more