return to the root


Work toward 

emptiness and openness. 

Cultivate stillness. Breathe harmony. 

Become tranquility. As the ten

thousand things rise and fall,

rise and fall, just witness

their return to the




that flourishes dissolves

again into the source. To dissolve

back into the source is to find peace. 

To find peace is to recover your true nature. 

To recover your true nature is to know the constancy

of Tao. To know the constancy of Tao is insight. Insight

opens your mind. An open mind leads to an open

heart. Open heartedness leads to justice. 

Justice is an expression of divinity. 

Divinity is oneness with




with Tao is freedom

from harm, indescribable

pleasure, eternal



from The Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu,

Chapter 16


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