empty your hands & relax your mind


There are

great pressures at work.

By meeting them with modesty and

patience, you avoid misfortune

and meet with success.


The image of this hexagram is that of a beam under a great load: it sags in the middle and is in danger of giving way. You are in a similar situation now. The pressures of the moment are enormous, and there is a temptation to wriggle away and flee, or to resort to the plotting, conniving, and aggressive actions of the ego. It is by resisting this temptation and holding firmly to proper principles that you survive and succeed.

This is in fact a moment for which you have been preparing yourself for some time. A powerful energy has been accumulated—imagine a flood pressing against a dam—and it is up to you to direct its flow. If you succumb to fear, desire, or anger and resort to incorrect behaviors, the dam bursts and the pent-up energy causes destruction and misfortune. If, on the other hand, you cling to what is correct—modesty, balance, patience, independence, and gentleness—then you will obtain the aid of the Higher Power and the accumulated energy will be directed toward creating a profound success.

What is called for now is quiet integrity. With others, no matter how they may assault you, remain modest and patient. In your actions, seek to penetrate gently and steadily rather than forcibly and explosively. Meet the difficulties of the day cheerfully and resolutely. By taking great care now, by remaining correct in every moment, by embodying the principles of the Sage, you make possible the arrival of good fortune.


from The I Ching, or Book of Changes

Hexagram 28 / Ta Kuo (Preponderance of the Great)


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Further guidance from the
Wei Wu Wei Ching


In every moment,

your enlightenment is directly

in front of you, being handed to you.

All that’s necessary to receive it

is to empty your hands

and relax your



Wei wu Wei Ching, Chapter 28


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