awaken to the fundamental


I often see

those who are trying

to study Buddhism just use

their worldly intelligence to sift

among the verbal teachings of the buddhas

and ancestral teachers, trying to pick out especially

wondrous sayings to use as conversation pieces to display

their ability and understanding. This is not the correct view

of  the matter. You must abandon your world view and sit

quietly with mind silent. Forget entangling causes

and investigate with your whole being. When

you are thoroughly clear, then whatever

you bring forth from your own

inexhaustible treasure of

priceless jewels is sure

to be genuine and



So first

you must awaken

to the Fundamental and

clearly see the essence where

mind equals buddha. Detach from

all false entanglements and become free

and clean. After that respectfully practice all

forms of good, and arouse great compassion to bring

benefits to all sentient beings. In all that you do, be even and

balanced and attuned to the inherent equality of all things —

be selfless and have no attachments. When wondrous

wisdom manifests itself and you penetrate through

to the basic essence, all your deeds will

bewonder-working. Thus it is said,

“Just manage to accept the

truth — you won’t be




enlightenment your

standard, and don’t feel bad

if it is slow in coming.

Take care!