the superior leader is like a mountain snake

comey chokes out trump


skillful generals

of the past knew to drive

wedges between an army’s front

and rear, to prevent its small and large

forces from relying upon one another, to stop good

soldiers from rescuing bad, officers from rallying troops,

troops from regrouping, the army from organizing.  When

advantageous, they struck; when not, they stayed still. 

When their opponents were well organized and

ready to attack, they seized what he held 

most dear and thus made him



In short, 

the superior leader 

is like the snake that lives 

in the mountains: strike at his head, 

and the tail will come at you; strike at 

his tail, and the head will bite; 

strike at the middle, and 

both will attack 

at once. 


from The Art of War, Chapter XI


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