the tangerine terror and me

This account was 

published at Medium for two years,

then taken down without explanation just as Lyft

was in the run-up to its IPO. SV billionaires and their

investors stick together! It’s parked here now for

info purposes in case I don’t live to be

108 and anyone wonders

hmm why.


Details of four

other professional attempts 

on my life over four years have 

been elided at the request of

law enforcement.


When asked to account

for why I wrote the things I did and

summoned the whirlwind in such a strong way, I like

to jabber about the importance of alerting one’s fellow citizens to

deranged maniacs drawing close to the levers and buttons. But

I was also in deep grief over my beloved daughter and not

in my right mind. I wouldn’t do it all again.

Probably. Jah bless America.

(deep 2022 sigh)




Trump has threatened the lives of U.S. citizens. I’m just one.

I’m the author of eight books published around the world and five apps for iOS and Android. I wrote critically and often on social media about Donald Trump throughout his campaign, having observed him since the early 80’s when I was fresh from law school and living in New York City. It got under his skin to the point that he began threatening my life almost immediately after he was inaugurated.

I wrote about his widely agreed upon DSM diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a highly dangerous mental illness, as did others. I wrote about his longtime ties to organized crime figures. I wrote about his revolting, rank misogyny. I wrote about his vastly-lower-than-bragged-about net worth. I did it because Donald Trump is a demented lunatic and a pathological liar, and I thought my friends and followers ought to know about that before they cast a vote for him. An insane person in the White House is a danger to the entire world — as we are now seeing in spades.

I also contributed financially to the creation and display of the “The Emperor Has No Balls” (or “Naked Trump”) statues displayed in American cities and laughed at by the entire world during his campaign.