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brian browne walker safety harbor 29 november 2016 (1)


A note to friends, family, rattlesnake hunters, debt collectors, doctors, business partners, famous film directors, prospective lovers, people who are acting like idiots at the moment but don’t always, and every dog on every corner now, forever, once upon a time ago: 

As some know very well and some do not, depending on proximity and relationship, I am going through the very most difficult medical moment of my life right now at the exact same time that my father is trying to choose the appropriate moment to step out of his body. I am living five minutes away from my folks’ house, but my housing situation is not as stable as it needs to be, and I have been through three months — not three, really nine, or a whole lifetime, depending on how you count — of nonstop medical emergencies, both my own and others, lots of movements around the planet, and a constant reshuffling of medications, priorities, and all of the other things that make life such a fun and sometimes tricky game to play.

This is the trickiest time I have ever encountered, with the most important things in my life at stake — my own health, other peoples health, things I have worked on all my lifetime, or for years or months, by myself or with beloved pals — many, many, being very close to being funded or illuminated by just the people I want to fund and illuminate them.

Some of this is agony, and some of it is total, deep, lovable, hilarious, rolling, orgasmic, World Series-winning, whatever you want to call it fun. This is just a brief update to show you my face and tell you how I am, and that I love you, or that I’m about to punch you in the nose, depending on who you are to me. Aloha, mahalo, keep the aina ono and the malama pono, smooch, wow!




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