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the state of the brian browne walker 29 september 2016

In two days, I’ll be 58. I’m in Florida, helping to care for this guy:

brian browne walker father bud walker

This guy:

bud dad

Who doesn’t look quite that perky just now, that’s a couple of years old. I’m here with my mom and my older sister, but not my daughter Sofia, the little rabbit I wrote about here, the one Judge Morris W. Sandstead sold for money in the 20th Judicial District of Colorado. Still haven’t heard from Sofia, no worries, be at home in your own skin, daughter, I keep a light on for you:

brian browne walker little rabbit sofia daughter 29 september 2016 blog post

That’s not just any light, that’s a beautiful piece of art, made from what was once an aluminum mold for making chocolates, that I bought for $400 when I was damn near broke in Boulder to cheer my gorgeous, wonderful, brilliant daughter on and on. And on and on I cheer her, wherever she may be!

What else? Well, look at my Facebook posts, they’re all public, I live in the open these days, to a very large degree.

And there’s this powerful giggle:

brian browne walker banned from quora banned again 29 september 2016 tut tut

Oopsie! I thought it were a good question:

quora content restore

I used to ask and answer a lot of them, Quora loved me for that!

brian browne walker once and future quora top writer nsa marc bodnick adam d'angelo giggle

There’s a whole hilarious tale to be told there, involving Marc Bodnick, ask him to tell it, ask him to tell who he really is and who he really works for and with.

It was spoken of a day or two ago here. It involves the NSA, the way they interact with the minds of Americans using sites like Quora (and Facebook et. al.) and personae like Alia Caldwell — a non person who is, comically, credited as the designer of Wei wu Wei Ching if you buy it in paper. That’ll have to wait, that story, unless Bodnick wants to tell it. Papa calls.

There’s more on the Pierre and Pamela von Omidyar tale to come, too! Not now.

Love you, world. Love you, Maui. Love you, P&P! Love you, NSA!

I love this fucking American hero, too, my brother, though (edit of 8 Feb 2017) he threw me in the trash, unfriended me on Facebook, and stopped talking to me in all ways when I asked him for a tiny favor after years of supporting him and his family, before he went to prison, especially while he was there, and every day since, ah well, everything changes, that’s why they call it the Book of Changes, eh John Kiriakou?

brian browne walker blog post 29 september 2016 SAAII-Kiriakou-award

Follow those links, read about who he is, read about what he and his family suffered at the hands of the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, may peace be upon him and all under his watch and thumb. Free Chelsea, sir. Pardon John, pardon Ed Snowden, do the right thing while the power is yours. Aloha.

29 september 2016 white house obama pardon john kiriakou brian browne walker blog

Har. I went looking for a pardon petition for John on Barry’s website. It ain’t there. Here’s one, sign it, send it, deliver it. 

Peace, love, understanding! May they reign and rain and shine.




  ‘specially you, P! ;) <3


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