Q: Is there anyone who has benefited by consistently practicing meditation? A:



person who has

consistently practiced

meditation has


by it. 


Life is hard.

Suffering is omnipresent,

not just for us, but for the eagles who

fly everywhere they go afflicted with lice and fleas,

for whales who swim through our plastic and sonar and

are encumbered by our fishing nets, for creatures

of all kinds on the African savannah,

most of whom die violent



It’s hard

not to take our suffering

personally, but meditation makes

this possible. Over time, meditation allows

us to change our seat to that of one who is simply

witnessing all this, rather than the one being annihilated by it.

And it allows our tiny minds to join Big Mind, the Mind that authored

and maintains the universe. When we experience that form of

consciousness, we understand that everything always was,

is now, and always will be okay, and gradually

or suddenly we find ourselves at peace

with every aspect

of it.


This is

the greatest balm

there is, and all one has to do

to experience it is to make a habit

of sitting, breathing in

and out, and



originally published at Quora